About Us

Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc.

Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. is a Northwest based dive company and for the last 30 years has been a leading provider of regulatory surveys for private clients, state and federal agencies as well as providing diversified underwater services ranging from the California coast to the Arctic Ocean. Our experienced team: On land as well as at sea provides a complete and comprehensive marine service including environmental services, pipeline inspection and marine construction, including dock repair. 

Enviro-Tech delivers professional, unsurpassed solutions to seafood processing companies, mining facilities, tugboat and other marine transportations as well as city harbors and marine works.  Enviro-Tech specializes in reports and data from actual divers in the water with firsthand visuals and reporting while utilizing advancing technologies that includes real time positioning of the diver HD imaging and recording, ROV operations, seabed core samples and comprehensive reporting and mapping. Enviro-Tech Diving’s safety record is one of the best in the industry and we always put safety first and foremost in our approach to any job.

Our Team

Tim Jewell


Tim Jewell received his dive training in the military in the early 70's. After leaving the military Mr. Jewell chose to participate in the booming King Crab fishery as a captain. Due to the lack of divers in the remote fishing grounds he used his training to perform a variety of ships husbandry jobs, prop work, net removal, and grounded vessel reports. Enviro-Tech Diving was formed after Mr. Jewell was approached by the seafood processing industry to deal with new requirements dealing with water quality standards in Alaska. Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. worked with industry stakeholders, ADEC, and EPA to implement a standard for surveying seafood waste on the seafloor. These meetings eventually helped craft the first NPDES General Permit for Seafood Processors. Over the next 30 years, Tim grew his company into a diverse dive company doing marine construction, salvage, and environmental work from California to the Arctic Ocean

Oscar Hopps

Operations Manager

Mr. Hopps overseas dive operations, training, safety, and senior staff coordinator. He graduated from the U.S. Navy Diving and Salvage School in 2009 and after completing 8 years of military service transitioned to the civilian dive sector. He continued his education at the Divers Institute of Technology for his IMCA dive certifications and graduated the top of his class.
Mr. Hopps has several years of experience as a Diving Supervisor for marine construction, ship salvage, pipeline installation, and ships husbandry operations. Oscar dive experience has taken him from the warm waters of Florida, Hawaii all the way to the arctic, in remote locations like Adak and Nome, Alaska. With the structure of his military background and the required innovation that comes from working and living on an island in remote Alaska, he cultivates an environment of knowledge and hard work. On the job site, his leadership and management reflect a balance of both dive safety and perseverance in completing jobs on difficult locations under adverse conditions.
Mr. Hopps holds an Air Diving Supervisor Card from ADCI. He’s a US Navy Diver Veteran and a proud father of two future divers.

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Lead Dive Supervisor

Mr. Wilson started his career in the Gulf of Mexico as a Tender and worked his way up the ranks to be a diver. After five years working in the Gulf he moved in to International work as a contract diver; working in the Oil and Gas sector again throughout Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and a few ventures in the North Sea.
Mr. Wilson has been working in the Oil and Gas sector since 2008 and has a wide range of experience in the installation and pre-commissioning of platforms and the initiation of pipelines, riser, and clamp installation. He also has extensive experience in the decommissioning of platforms; from the P&A of wells and removal of the risers, to conductors and the whole platforms in the years following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike.
As the newest addition to the Enviro-Tech management team Mr. Wilson is moving the company forward with a new set of eyes, while also helping to expand our company into new markets in the diving industry. His extensive experience will be vital upholding the highest standards in our training, safety and maintenance programs.

Caleb Lee

Environmental Manager

Mr. Lee began working for Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. in 2017, as a diver. Due to his attention to detail and hard work, he quickly advanced to a lead on several environmental jobs consisting of diving seafloor surveys and the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV). Along with his extensive survey experience, he has also been involved in several dock and pile retrofits, pipeline construction and installation. His tenure with Enviro-Tech Diving has given him experience in salvage operations and ship inspections. His diving career has taken him from the coast of Oregon to the North Slope of Alaska. In 2019 Mr. Lee was promoted to Environmental Manager, he has aided the company in implementing procedures and QA/QC practices for environmental survey operations, as well as procurement of new ROV technology for environmental surveys.