Past Projects


Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. for the last 25 years has been a leading provider of Seafloor Monitoring Surveys and Reports. In conformity with the EPA, Enviro-Tech provides a complete and comprehensive Environmental Impact Report that includes real time positioning of the diver, current conditions on the seafloor, HD imaging and recording, seabed core, grab, and diver gathered samples, as well as comprehensive reporting and mapping of the survey area.

The company is predominantly active in:

  • Dive survey and seabed-mapping
  • ROV seabed survey and pipeline inspection
  • Seabed waste intervention and remediation
  • Emergency Response
  • Vessel casualty
  • Spill response

 Enviro-Tech specializes in reports and data from divers in the water with firsthand visuals and reporting while utilizing advancing technologies.

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