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Ships Husbandry

Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc.’s underwater ships husbandry expertise saves customers money, often eliminating the need for costly dry docking expenses and repair costs. Our team of certified divers and ROV operators conduct:

In-water inspections, clear water box photography, and video recording.

Every diver is trained in underwater paint inspection, corrosion, and damage assessment as well as NDT and propeller inspections.

Underwater Paint installation


Nondestructive testing (NDT) and inspections

a) Ultrasonic thickness testing
b) Anode inspection
c) Propeller roughness testing

Maintenance and Repairs

a) Propeller grooming, cleanings, and replacements
b) Cofferdam installation and removal
c) Welding and burning
d) Hull cleanings and sea chest cleanings
e) Anode installs

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