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Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. employs the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to compliment diving operations for anything from seafloor surveys, dock and pipeline inspections, salvage operations and ships husbandry. Pipeline inspections can range from 300’ to 1500’ in length and to depths of over 200’. With our ROV, Enviro-Tech can visually inspect pipelines in an expeditious and thorough manner.
Recent Enviro-Tech use of the ROV:

o    Aid in an environmental seafloor monitoring survey where dive operations were not suitable, extending to depths in excess of 250’ for EPA. Providing samples and video of seafloor. Along with detailed mapping and GPs coordinates.

o   Subsea pipeline inspection in remote Alaska, along a 1500’ long, and 130’ deep water discharge line for a processing plant.

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