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Our Mission

Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. is a Northwest-based dive company and for the last 30 years has been a leading provider of regulatory surveys for private clients, state and federal agencies as well as providing diversified underwater services ranging from the California coast to the Arctic Ocean.

Our experienced team: On land as well as at sea provides a complete and comprehensive marine service including environmental services, pipeline inspection and marine construction, including dock repair. Enviro-Tech delivers professional, unsurpassed solutions to seafood processing companies, mining facilities, tugboat and other marine transportations as well as city harbors and marine works. Enviro-Tech specializes in reports and data from actual divers in the water with firsthand visuals and reporting while utilizing advancing technologies that includes real time positioning of the diver HD imaging and recording, ROV operations, seabed core samples and comprehensive reporting and mapping. Enviro-Tech Diving’s safety record is one of the best in the industry and we always put safety first and foremost in our approach to any job

Enviro-Tech Diving

Our Services 

ROV Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. employs the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to compliment diving operations for anything from seafloor surveys, dock and pipeline inspections, salvage operations and ships husbandry.
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Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc.’s underwater construction teams are utilized by city and state governments, as well as private companies to carry out ...
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Pipeline Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. provides construction, dredging, installation, and setup of underwater pipelines for intakes and LP discharges. We provide a cost-effective, all-inclusive team for your underwater pipeline construction project.
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Marine Casualty Response and Salvage
Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. has the equipment and personnel for vessel salvage and derelict vessel removal.
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Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc.’s underwater ships husbandry expertise saves customers money, often eliminating the need for costly dry docking expenses and repair costs.
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Enviro-Tech Diving, Inc. for the last 25 years has been a leading provider of Seafloor Monitoring Surveys and Reports. In conformity with the EPA, Enviro-Tech provides a complete and comprehensive Environmental Impact Report that includes real time positioning of the diver....
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