Emergency cleaning of two salt water intake lines.

Fish Processing Plant

False Pass, AK.

Internal cleaning of intake. Flushing of line. Video inspection.

Outfall inspection and repairs.

Mining Facility

Arctic circle, AK.

New HDPE pipeline installation and anchor placement.

Emergency dock repair.

Fish Processing Plant

Newport, OR.

Installation of fiberglass jackets – installation of new steel caps – installation of timber floor joists – installation of timber cross braces

New discharge pipeline installation

Fish Processing Plant

Cordova, AK.

Removal of old line – Installation of new outfall line – Burial of pipeline

R.O.V Seafloor survey

Fish Processing Plant

Akutan, AK.

Environmental impact reports- video survey- seafloor samples

Removal of old steel pipeline

Fish Processing Plant

Sandpoint, AK.

U/W cutting – seafloor survey – salvage of old materials.

Seafloor Survey and R.O.V operations

Fish Prepossessing Plant

Valdez, AK.

Derelict vessel removal and disposal.

State of WA.

Salvage – Disposal – and removal hazardous of debris